2024 Kia Carnival Facelift F/L launched (formerly sedona)



The Kia Carnival facelift model has finally been released.
The 2024 Kia Carnival facelift model, one of the best-selling vehicles in Korea, is
Changes in not only the exterior design but also the interior design, and three powertrains (gasoline/diesel/hybrid)
The suspension was improved to improve ride comfort, and the interior quietness was strengthened by reinforcing sound absorbing and sound insulating materials.

In addition, new advanced features such as wireless software update and Kia Digital Key 2 are being added, as well as Highway Driving Assist 2.
New ADAS and convenience features such as head-up display have been applied.

The New Carnival was unveiled as a facelift model three years after launching the 4th generation model in August 2020.
This new Carnival model reflects the latest Kia Motors design identity and presents a sophisticated and strong image.

The New Carnival has a new design that reflects Kia’s design philosophy, Offers United.
The exterior design adopts a three-imensional headlamp and tail lamp design and includes a dedicated black radiator grill. Add gravity trim.

Looking at the front design of this Carnival, Star Map Signature Lighting Daytime Running Lights (DRL) are applied to create a more future-oriented image. The large, luxurious radiator grille makes the vehicle look larger.

The side design uses a character line that seems to connect the vertical headlamp and tail lamp as one, and the rear part has a sense of unity with the front part.
The star map rear combination lamp lowers the license plate position to the bottom and makes the door handle a hidden type, creating a clean and simple image.

The interior space feels spacious, with a panoramic curved display and design elements that emphasize the wide feel of the horizon and enhance the sense of three-dimensionality.
It is decorated with lighting. The panoramic curved display makes the 12.3-inch instrument cluster and 12.3-inch infotainment system run more smoothly.
It is connected and the next-generation infotainment system features ccNC (Connected Car Navigation Cockpit).

In addition, The New Carnival Facelift is equipped with an infotainment/air conditioning switching operation system that optimizes the button configuration, and includes ambient lighting up to the crash pad.
The expanded application creates a simple yet luxurious design, and the application of a large-apacity cup holder improves space efficiency.

This Kia Motors Carnival model includes a 1.6-Liter turbo hybrid model in addition to the existing 3.5-Liter gasoline N/A model and 2.2-Liter diesel model.
Added. It has excellent fuel efficiency of 14.0km/L based on Korea’s combined fuel efficiency, and has a maximum output of 245 horsepower and a maximum torque of 37.4 kgf∙m.
It is characterized by improved riding comfort by being equipped with E-Ride / E-Handling / E-EHA (Electrically Evasive Handling Assist) functions.

This Carnival has deleted the 11-seater model and operates in two models, a 7-seater model and a 9-seater model, and a new trim, Gravity trim, has been added.
The Gravity trim features projection LED headlamps, LED rear combination lamps, and side steps as standard features, as well as a dedicated black radiator grill.
The design was differentiated with wheels and dark metal garnish to maximize the luxurious feel.

In addition, Kia has strengthened the marketability of The New Carnival by applying new customer-preferred specifications such as Kia Digital Key 2 / Type C USB terminal / hood gas lifter.
Specifications for the driver include a head-p display (HUD) / driver’s seat ergo motion seat / digital center mirror (DCM) / built-in cam 2 / fingerprint authentication system. Convenience has been improved.

In addition, forward collision avoidance assist (including cross vehicle/side approaching vehicle/oncoming vehicle/evasive steering assist when overtaking) / Highway Driving Assist 2 (HDA2, including lane change assist) / Advanced driver assistance systems such as intelligent speed limit assist / front & side & rear parking distance warning / steering wheel vibration warning, etc. are applied, and the center driver is installed in the first row.
By adding side airbags, a total of 8 airbags are installed, enabling comfortable and safe driving.

Additionally, Kia provides over-the-Air software updates to the New Carnival to ensure that the vehicle’s key electronic controls and associated functions remain up to date.
It is applied as standard, and ‘Streaming Plus’, which allows you to enjoy video and high-quality sound content through the infotainment system, is applied. Provides an expanded in-vehicle experience.

Since it is a vehicle that sells a lot in the Korean market, it is a vehicle that will definitely sell a lot in the Korean market and also overseas.
This is one of the vehicles that I hope will receive a lot of attention and be sold.